Let’s build a stronger Morquio community. Together, we can share our stories and experiences. In the process, we may become more informed, identify our needs and - most importantly - have fun! This website intends to provide support for the annual Morquio conference dedicated to Morquio syndrome type A and B. 

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Morquio Conference 2013

Photo: Jon Quasia and Dr. Katsumi Higaki

Dr. Higaki sent the following e-mail:

Dear Maria and Dr. Tomatsu,
        I am just back to the lab today.

Thank you very much for all your support and kindness at the meeting.
It was a great meeting and impressive 
for me that I met and talked with patients
and their family.
      They gave me an energy and motivation
for promoting my research further.
I really hope our research efforts will
give them hope, too.

Best regards,

Morquio Conference 2012